The Incursion

Sally torked about how the of the digestive system starts with the mouth. Your teeth grind the food and the saliva also breaks down the food. Then it enters the oesophagus, that’s where the peristalsis starts. It takes about six or seven seconds to travel to the stomach.


Then we did an experiment about the stomach. We got some bread and we put it in a plastic bag and then we added some water. We closed the bag and started to mush it up. It went all runny. The water didn’t look like water, it looked like off milk.


Sally talked about the small intestines and she got a pig intestine and it was chopped up. She said that the human intestines are six or seven metres long. She showed it by demonstrating with a ribbon that was six metres long. I was surprised how long it was. Then we went back to the table and we added some cocoa powder and oats, put it in the bag with the bread and water that was squished up and we started to squish it up more. After that we got a cup and a cloth, we had to hold the cup and tip the mixture through the cloth and start squeezing it. Juice came into the cup and what was left in the cloth was poo – not real poo, home made poo.


We got to touch an ox tongue, it was very disgusting. It felt like rough bumps and I jumped every time I touched it. We also touched a pig’s stomach. It was gooey and it felt like regular meat. The pig intestines were like thin strips of meat curled around a long thick string.


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