My Favorite Author

My favorite author is Roald Dahl. The first book I read was fantastic Mr fox. It was all about a dad fox is trapped in a the under ground  and above them are three terrible farmers. They are trying to showed Mr fox, Mrs fox and the four baby fox’s. Next I am reading the magic finger  it is all about a little girl and she has a magic finger.

what is your favourite book and why?

what is your favourite other?

what is your favourite book from Roald Dahl?

do you like Roald Dahl?


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Author

  1. Hi Scarlett-Rose,
    Yes I do like Roadl Dahl!
    I have read Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
    I have got the book The BFG I am going to start reading it!
    I would like to read Magic Finger.
    From Orlagh

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