The skeletal system

The skeletal system helps you move. It protects your delicate organs.


Babies have 300 bones when they are born and adults have 206. The bones are attached with joints like the elbow. The ligaments hold the joints together.


Tendons connect the muscle to the bone. With ott the muscle the bone codend move.  


Same of the bones protect the organs like the,skull protects the brane. The chest bone made up of sternum and the ribs. The chest bone protects the heart ,lungs and the liver.


The skeletal system also works with the circulatory system. Bone marrow helps produce cells in your blood. Blood cells are created in your bones.


If you didn’t have the skeletal system you will be just be a blob.  

what will you be if you didn’t have the skeletal system?

why do you need the skeletal system?

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