Royal Melbourne Show

One sunny day on the school holidays I went to the Royal Melbourne show. The first  thing  that I did  first was  adult animals section  was  pigs and chickens to pat,I even plants to plant. The next thing I did was  eating yes we did eat because I was starving I didn’t eat sic breakfast. The first ride I went on was a pirate ship one,next to was a balloon in water thingamajig that I whent on. Next I went to the baby animals there were goats and sheep to pat and feed, at last I got my show bags.



Q1 . did you go why or why not

Q2.if you went what was your favorite thing


Dear Mother Earth,

I will plant more plants and love trees and I will recycle paper,bottles and jars. I will not waste electricity also not cut down trees.l will walk or ride to places more often. When I am in a room l will turn off the lights when it’s not needed.

I speak for you.

Yours truly Scarlett-Rose

The skeletal system

The skeletal system helps you move. It protects your delicate organs.


Babies have 300 bones when they are born and adults have 206. The bones are attached with joints like the elbow. The ligaments hold the joints together.


Tendons connect the muscle to the bone. With ott the muscle the bone codend move.  


Same of the bones protect the organs like the,skull protects the brane. The chest bone made up of sternum and the ribs. The chest bone protects the heart ,lungs and the liver.


The skeletal system also works with the circulatory system. Bone marrow helps produce cells in your blood. Blood cells are created in your bones.


If you didn’t have the skeletal system you will be just be a blob.  

what will you be if you didn’t have the skeletal system?

why do you need the skeletal system?

My Favorite Author

My favorite author is Roald Dahl. The first book I read was fantastic Mr fox. It was all about a dad fox is trapped in a the under ground  and above them are three terrible farmers. They are trying to showed Mr fox, Mrs fox and the four baby fox’s. Next I am reading the magic finger  it is all about a little girl and she has a magic finger.

what is your favourite book and why?

what is your favourite other?

what is your favourite book from Roald Dahl?

do you like Roald Dahl?


The Excursion

The Excursion

Botanical gardens

Firstly for this big whole day adventure 3/4D went to the Botanical garden. When we got there 3/4D and 3/4GA ate their snack at the Botanical garden’s for at least 10 minutes. After that the 2 classes had a welcoming ceremony.  Then 3/4D went for a walk in the gardens to see the resources of food. After 5 minutes of cool facts we learnt how to weave string. We firstly got to choose partners, l chose my friend coco pop ( Kalani).  Then we started to weave string that was fun. 3/4 D got taught a little bit more about Indigenous people and how they lived. Next we went to do some fantastic art with clay.

Federation square

Firstly at the federation square  we met 2 men, 1 of them showed us how to make a shield. Then we saw 4 different shields and spears they all were in different countries but they spoke the same words. After that we went to the same place that we met. We went to the next level up we saw and heard facts about possum far and how they used it. I had a little fashion show using the possum  fur.

Mary Mackillop

Mary  was born in 1842  and died in 1909, she lived for 67 years. She cared for the poor,  sick and elderly she even supports the people with diseases.  Mary opened lots schools for the people who couldn’t afford their children to go to school. She  was a nun and the first  Australian saint.  Lots of people celebrated, some think Mary shouldn’t been a saint. Before saint Joseph day Mary only wore brown dresses.

columban-mary-mackillops-vote1.jpg (521×391)

The Incursion

Sally torked about how the of the digestive system starts with the mouth. Your teeth grind the food and the saliva also breaks down the food. Then it enters the oesophagus, that’s where the peristalsis starts. It takes about six or seven seconds to travel to the stomach.


Then we did an experiment about the stomach. We got some bread and we put it in a plastic bag and then we added some water. We closed the bag and started to mush it up. It went all runny. The water didn’t look like water, it looked like off milk.


Sally talked about the small intestines and she got a pig intestine and it was chopped up. She said that the human intestines are six or seven metres long. She showed it by demonstrating with a ribbon that was six metres long. I was surprised how long it was. Then we went back to the table and we added some cocoa powder and oats, put it in the bag with the bread and water that was squished up and we started to squish it up more. After that we got a cup and a cloth, we had to hold the cup and tip the mixture through the cloth and start squeezing it. Juice came into the cup and what was left in the cloth was poo – not real poo, home made poo.


We got to touch an ox tongue, it was very disgusting. It felt like rough bumps and I jumped every time I touched it. We also touched a pig’s stomach. It was gooey and it felt like regular meat. The pig intestines were like thin strips of meat curled around a long thick string.