Picnic Day

I have been waiting for this moment all year. I even made a song or maybe not it goes like this Picnic Days is the best chuck out the rest.

There were similar rides but less than last year. The first thing I did was go on the dragon ride. The second thing was a pirate ship you have to go on some little rides first. After that we went on the dodgeon cars I smashed into my brother and dad. We went on the swing chairs. My dad got us some water and then we went on the big jumping castle then we went to get some fairy floss. After a while we went on some really awesome rides. We found a sack race and a spoon and egg race then we did tug of war and I won. We were hungry so we got food, people were rushing that meant that we had to go in a line. I got hot dog and chips. Before we know it was fully packed we went to a animal farm then we went to a ride a scary pirate ship and i was totally freaked out. After that we went home.

Fishing at Barwon Head


On Friday the 30th of October I O yes went to Barwen Heads. I caught five fish and a crab. There was big and little puddles.

“Here’s the story”, we woke up early “let me see”5:00 it was a two hour drive i played on my i pad, read a book finally we where there.

I practised my casting and  then i found paddles to splash in and it was fun. The tide came in that’s when I caught five fish and a crab.

And that the end.

Sovereign Hill

On Friday the twenty second of October i went to Sovereign Hill with all  3/4’s . I had four kids and one adult there names where Georgia, Zara, Jorgia.B, Me and Jorgia.B’s mum. We went on the bus for two hours. On the bus l sat at the back with Zara, Kalani, Jenna and Nora. Zara and I played hangman then we chatted. We were tired so we had a snooze, we did a dot to dot and after that we talked. We were finely there it was cold when the doors opened.

It was hard finding a spot. Jorge’s mum took the girls to the toilet while i found a spot to eat. When they came back we ate our own food sometimes we shared our food while we where eating pland .

First we went to the horse shoes they only aloud 11 letters so i only got to do Scarlett i bought the horse show for $8 so did zara . it was a miniature horse shoe not a big regular size horse shoe it was kept in a bag .

We visited the lolly store me and Georgia wanted a toffy apple but there was nun we looked for another but they ran out we watched them make some more.

3/4D went to the school and they taught us about the gold rush.  It was really fun.

We had the same table as before. We talked and ate. I had my water, sandwich and also tictacs. I gave everyone in my group a tictacs.

Zara wanted to see the bank, we went in and we saw gold. There was a man who weighed the gold on the scales. l got my bottle of gold and he weighed it with a plain water jar.

After that we all went to the post office Zara got pen ink I was thinking that I should get it too, so i did. The ink is black and the pen is strange.

 3/4D went in two groups for the gold mind tour and it was not scary. After that we went gold panning.  sadly i didn’t get any gold.

After our panning we went on a horse ride and it cost $20. On the horse ride we played sweet and sour. If you wave and that  person wave back there sweet but if they don’t they’re sour. Three people are sour,  six people were sweet.

We had afternoon tea I had food like usual. 

On the bus I sat with James I chatted with the girls. We were delayed and arrived back 30 minutes late. when we arrived at Holy Family my dad was waiting for me.

I had the best day ever.

My first week at Holy Family

On Monday it was the beginning of term 4. I met my buddy and she was very nice. Her name is Nora. In class we learnt limericks. Me and Estelle did this one.

Once there was a girl named Sally,

she was very very smelly,

she got dumb,

and numb,

that she forgot her name was sally.

Hello world!

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